Zari Ferns

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Zari Ferns

Energy Healer, Coach and Therapist

Zari is a therapist, energy healer, and bodyworker from the UK. She is working with life force energy, sacred sexuality, and creativity as ‘medicine tools’ – These being a gateway to self-realization, reaching our full potential, optimum health, and the reconnection to our true essence. She is trained in hypnotherapy, EFT, (emotional freedom technique,) NLP, Tanta, meditation, TRE (trauma release exercises) Breathwork and spiritual healing.

Zari started her spiritual journey over 20 years ago, traveling, studying and working across the globe. She began looking for answers, to heal her own sexual trauma, many of these practices and learning she integrates into her teachings. However, after a profound kundalini/conscious awakening, Zari had to relearn how to be back in a human body, and one that was very different from the one she remembers. Life hasn’t been the same since! Now she is discovering a whole new reality of possibilities.

The foundation of Zari’s teaching and practices rest in, trauma release healing, self-love, cellular core reprogramming, sensual reawakening, and sacred reconnection. She holds a powerful safe and loving space through which other-dimensional light energies can also support and channel.

Zari’s healing work has changed and touched the lives of people worldwide through her work in India, Bali, Thailand, South America, Europe, England, and Australia. Her current focus is around the #metoo movement helping to restore empowerment, love, and conscious awareness to women and men. https://zarilove.com/

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