Erin Birch


Erin Birch


Erin Birch is a business and personal transformation coach, trainer and speaker. As well as a network marketer and affiliate marketer.

After having her own midlife awakening at age 44 and realizing she wanted so much more out of life, Erin decided to close up her business as an artisan jeweler and build a business completely online so she could travel and be in a position to live life to the fullest!

After building a 6 figure business in her first 9 months online, Erin began to realize that what she had experienced during her midlife awakening ALL women go through it in some form. It then became her passion to help women navigate this time in their life, build the business of their dreams, create a life that they are in love with living and BECOME the woman they were always meant to be!

Erin is also building a large team inside a network marketing company.

Erin is also a trainer teaching rapport building, prospecting and closing as well as social media marketing as well as how to master your psychology.

Erin is incredibly passionate about helping women realize their passion and be able to CREATE their joy! https://erinbirchcoaching.com/

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