DesiRae Kraft

DesiRae Kraft

Sensual Empowerment Coach

DesiRae Kraft is a Sensual Empowerment Coach + Clairvoyant. She helps high-achieving female leaders step out of the hustle and reconnect to their feminine power, sensuality, and intuition. So they can finally see that they’re capable of having it all financially and creating a life that turns their soul on in self, wealth, relationships and sex! 

Desi built a 14-year career in finance, went to college and felt stuck and still unheard or unseen in the world. She was pretty happy but saw the same patterns in her life repeating. After her parent’s tragic motorcycle accident in 2012, she told herself she could continue to live a life where she felt disempowered, unseen, and unfulfilled or she could rise to the occasion of her life. Through her pain and healing, she was able to listen to her inner knowing, transformed her life, and started her own business to become the revolutionary leader and woman she knew she was born to be. 

Post her own miraculous transformation she had a calling in her heart to help other women transcend similar struggles. She left the corporate world and started her business in 2016 to help other high-achieving female leaders find a deep acceptance for who they are and support to live a life that sets their soul on fire. 

She is a certified transformational coach and Psychic who delivers her unique programs with private clients and group work, utilizing her 15 years of Education and experience in Psychology, Holistic Health, Energy Work, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. She combines energy healing, mindset work, transformational practices, meditation, visualizations, and breath-work to retrain the subconscious mind and expand the vibration of your soul to attract your desires in the physical realm in life. https://desiraekraft.com/

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